Step 1.
My Products
Go to the Products Menu and select My Products (Fullfillment Account) to access the Fulfillment Account where you can setup products.
Step 2.
Fulfillment Account
A Fulfillment Account is where you can setup and add your own products to display on a website that you have created in your main account. You can add an unlimited amount of products to your Fulfillment Account at no charge. Once the products are entered in your Fulfillment Account, you can then put them into a catalog that will display on your website which will be equipped with a shopping cart where your customers can purchase those products online.
Step 3.
Product Entry
Setup your products in the Fulfillment Account. This entails giving your products a name and number, a description, uploading images to represent them, adding pricing, and finally incorporating any Options (questions or ways to customize the product, such as "Product Color" and "Imprint Color") and Choices (answers, such as "Red", "Blue" and "Green" for the "Product Color" Option). See the Product Entry Guide and Tutorials at the top of this page for specific instructions.
Step 4.
The Private Catalog
After you've setup your products, put them into the Private Catalog in the Fulfillment Account. The Private Catalog is the link between the Fulfillment Account and your Main Account.
Step 5.
Website Catalogs
Once you have your products in the Private Catalog for the Fulfillment account, they will then be available in your Main Account under the Website Catalogs area.
Step 6.
Add Catalog to a Website
Add the Private Catalog to the corresponding website that you have in your Main Account. Once you publish your website, the catalog along with the products should then be displaying on your website.
How A Fulfillment Account Works

Fulfillment Accounts allow you to setup your own products so that they can then be displayed and ordered from a website that is created in your main DistributorCentral Account. You can use a Fulfillment Account to setup products for company stores, or to showcase your own specific products, such as embroidery and screen printing services. 

Hover your mouse over each box in the diagram below to see the steps of how a Fulfillment Account works.

See the links below for further instructions.
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